AFFINITY - ‘Our Time’

The latest awesome unsigned music on Favarati, this is Affinity from Toronto, Canada. Check them out on YouTube for a sweet cover of the Foo Fighters as well! and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!

  • Ashley Curtis (Lead Vox)
    Mack Flynn (Bass/Keys/Synth/BG Vox)
    Al Walsh (Guitar)
    Chris Andersen (Guitar)
    Sean Hillman (Drums)
  • General manager - HigherGround Entertainment Group
    Booking Contact -
  • Website -

Space Travel Agent - Sci-Fi

Ep. 1: Departure - Role Play has happened across a rather impressive, promising new series on YouTube, by the channel ASMRrequests. It’s something quite special, definitely fresh and thoroughly original, it’s played out through your own eyes, you are participating; Role play. Could this be a new frontier of multimedia consumption? ultimately bridging cinema scope with gaming interactivity?… perhaps even becoming something more like a Star Trek holodeck programme in the more distant future!?

Long live the Google Galactic Republic!

Walking through the desert of unsigned bands land, you search for satisfaction to your ears. In the distance, you can just make out what might be a musical mirage of epic proportions. It sounds like an Oasis, an early Oasis. Above, are circling Black Crowes. These swooping Black Crowes dance with Seahorses around a menacing Zeppelin, glazed with brief Rolling Stone sheen. As you approach the whole, you realise its actually real. All of the factors are combine in one go, you have found The Show! powered by Tumblr, layout by Pixel Union